Just about one year ago (September 2015), Mrs Oncken and Mr. Holger Thorsten Schubart let their company MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH run into bankruptcy. Not their first as the editors found out. More than 10 people lost their jobs, no word of sorry or regrets. A lot of freelancers were left all by themselves, not being paid for over a year. Even before the official announcement of bankruptcy the former CEO Alrich Kruse left the sinking ship. He did not inform the team about the fraud going on, probably because he was part of “the team”. The former employees mentioned towards a journalist who is investigating the circumstances of the whole issue that Mr Kruse wasn´t a leader at all, rather a puppet or a toy boy for Mrs Oncken. Whatever she said, although she did not have a official function in the company, he followed 100% without a word of protest. No one in the company really understood how a man in his retirement age, coming from 30 years of Volkswagen, suddenly became the CEO of a medical company?!

The journalists just made us aware about the fact that the couple Oncken & Schubart just reloaded their business with former Russian contacts. As you can see on the photo they are presenting their Me-too (will explain that later) product in Marbella in July 2016 at Clinica Dr. Larisa Pastushenko. Obviously this well-known doctor still believes in Oncken & Schubart lies. We would be highly interested in knowing with what kind of story the king of story telling Schubart convinced this well-known anti-aging clinician to use MEGA NFC and risk her reputation?

What she probably does not know it that it’s a Me-too product. So whats a Me-Too product? Per definition its a product created by a company that is similar to a competitor’s product. And that is what Oncken & Schubart did. They found a company named Froximun AG and they just repacked their product, relabeled it and gave it a new name – “MEGA NFC”. Since they are only allowed to pack 3 grams in each sachet compared to 8 grams before, they suddenly try to convince the market that 3g or 2x3g is enough to reach the same effect. This is ridiculous. But that is the way they are doing business.

The editors are looking forward to their next moves. Mr Schubart might activate the zeolite with his Neutrino energy to make people live 200 years and longer. So please stay tuned and be informed about latest developments in case of Holger Thorsten Schubart &. Olga Oncken.


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