Oncken & Schubart | MEGA NFC medical was like a money printing machine


Following latest official announcements (German register of companies) and direct

MEGA NFC medical

responses to us, M. N. ended his assignment as the CEO of Neutrino GmbH in August 2015. Dr. Ewald Volhard followed soon and resigned office at Neutrino in September 2015. Since then it seems as if the company is running without an officially assigned CEO. At the moment only Mrs Karolina Maria Tydda seems to run the business for the Neutrino Inc., registered in the USA. The website and CI (which was not payed for) has been shut down by WM and is running since then without any imprint. All involved parties were always to be found at the law office of Dr. Volhard. Under the same address you could find the following companies: MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH, Neutrino Inc and Golden Tower. In all these businesses you have a

Mrs. Olga Oncken Mega NFC (on the right) and now Nanoble Health GmbH

direct involvement of Olga Oncken and Holger Thorsten Schubart. Regarding at least MEGA NFC it seemed interesting and very promising business: more than € 500.000 within in the first months after launch. According to our sources unfortunately the business went bankrupt due to the CEO Mr Alrich Kruse who had neither experience nor knowledge about the medical business and who wasted the money for unprofitable business and an exuberant luxurious lifestyle, supported by his fiancee Olga Oncken. The company went bankrupt with a debts of at least € 620.000. During that time Olga Oncken and Holger Thorsten Schubart gathered a minimum of 3,4 Million Euros which as soon as it was transferred to the account of MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH immediately was taken off the bank account again for other „purposes”. Most of the money came from a Russian real-estate investor who gave general power of most of his European bank accounts to Mrs Olga Oncken. Within just 1,5 years she managed to let most of his money „disappear“. Currently a lot of stakeholders, including the insolvency administrator and a number of defense layers are seeking for the money. Mrs Oncken is accused of money laundering and embezzlement.

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