Just about one year ago (September 2015), Mrs Oncken and Mr. Holger Thorsten Schubart let their company MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH run into bankruptcy. Not their first as the editors found out. More than 10 people lost their jobs, no word of sorry or regrets. A lot of freelancers were left all by themselves, not being paid for over a year. Even before the official announcement of bankruptcy the former CEO Alrich Kruse left the sinking ship. He did not inform the team about the fraud going on, probably because he was part of “the team”. The former employees mentioned towards a journalist who is investigating the circumstances of the whole issue that Mr Kruse wasn´t a leader at all, rather a puppet or a toy boy for Mrs Oncken. Whatever she said, although she did not have a official function in the company, he followed 100% without a word of protest. No one in the company really understood how a man in his retirement age, coming from 30 years of Volkswagen, suddenly became the CEO of a medical company?!

The journalists just made us aware about the fact that the couple Oncken & Schubart just reloaded their business with former Russian contacts. As you can see on the photo they are presenting their Me-too (will explain that later) product in Marbella in July 2016 at Clinica Dr. Larisa Pastushenko. Obviously this well-known doctor still believes in Oncken & Schubart lies. We would be highly interested in knowing with what kind of story the king of story telling Schubart convinced this well-known anti-aging clinician to use MEGA NFC and risk her reputation?

What she probably does not know it that it’s a Me-too product. So whats a Me-Too product? Per definition its a product created by a company that is similar to a competitor’s product. And that is what Oncken & Schubart did. They found a company named Froximun AG and they just repacked their product, relabeled it and gave it a new name – “MEGA NFC”. Since they are only allowed to pack 3 grams in each sachet compared to 8 grams before, they suddenly try to convince the market that 3g or 2x3g is enough to reach the same effect. This is ridiculous. But that is the way they are doing business.

The editors are looking forward to their next moves. Mr Schubart might activate the zeolite with his Neutrino energy to make people live 200 years and longer. So please stay tuned and be informed about latest developments in case of Holger Thorsten Schubart &. Olga Oncken.


Holger Thorsten Schubart and Co. were too greedy | as reported to the newspaper

An agent of the former German Democratic Republic, a false diplomat and alleged notary are the main characters in a fraudulent million coup that surpasses all previous records.

The plan seemed perfect: In September last year a nationally operating rogue gang succeeded in robbing the stock portfolio of a wealthy woman from Cologne, in total 23 million euros. However, because the greed of fraudsters was immense, they made a serious mistake and therefore called the prosecutor on to the plan. The money was finally saved. Now the sextet is brought before court for the process. Continue reading “Holger Thorsten Schubart and Co. were too greedy | as reported to the newspaper”

Oncken & Schubart | MEGA NFC medical was like a money printing machine


Following latest official announcements (German register of companies) and direct

MEGA NFC medical

responses to us, M. N. ended his assignment as the CEO of Neutrino GmbH in August 2015. Dr. Ewald Volhard followed soon and resigned office at Neutrino in September 2015. Since then it seems as if the company is running without an officially assigned CEO. At the moment only Mrs Karolina Maria Tydda seems to run the business for the Neutrino Inc., registered in the USA. The website and CI (which was not payed for) has been shut down by WM and is running since then without any imprint. All involved parties were always to be found at the law office of Dr. Volhard. Under the same address you could find the following companies: MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH, Neutrino Inc and Golden Tower. In all these businesses you have a

Mrs. Olga Oncken Mega NFC (on the right) and now Nanoble Health GmbH

direct involvement of Olga Oncken and Holger Thorsten Schubart. Regarding at least MEGA NFC it seemed interesting and very promising business: more than € 500.000 within in the first months after launch. According to our sources unfortunately the business went bankrupt due to the CEO Mr Alrich Kruse who had neither experience nor knowledge about the medical business and who wasted the money for unprofitable business and an exuberant luxurious lifestyle, supported by his fiancee Olga Oncken. The company went bankrupt with a debts of at least € 620.000. During that time Olga Oncken and Holger Thorsten Schubart gathered a minimum of 3,4 Million Euros which as soon as it was transferred to the account of MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH immediately was taken off the bank account again for other „purposes”. Most of the money came from a Russian real-estate investor who gave general power of most of his European bank accounts to Mrs Olga Oncken. Within just 1,5 years she managed to let most of his money „disappear“. Currently a lot of stakeholders, including the insolvency administrator and a number of defense layers are seeking for the money. Mrs Oncken is accused of money laundering and embezzlement.

Impertinent | Holger Thorsten Schubart even fololed Michael Gorbatschow

about schubart
Self-presentation on Schubarts website, posted by Heiko Schulze from the “Haus der Budespressekonferenz”

The big statesman, Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschow was abused by Holger Thorsten Schubart for his dubious “Neutrino” business. He didn’t show any kind of respect for a man who made history, Michael Gorbatschow, the Nobel Prize winner who´s policies of glasnost and perestroika and his reorientation of Soviet strategic aims contributed to the end of the Cold War.

Holger Thorsten Schubart uses every means possible to present and promote his doubtful business in relation to the name of Gorbatschow. Together with Mrs Olga Oncken (former business owner of MEGA NFC International Distribution GmbH) who is more than just her business partner in life, used her network in Russia to initiate the dirty business. Through her and her connection with Iosif Shterenberg (the picture above was taken in his house), Holger Thorsten Schubart got in contact with Michael Gorbatschow.

Schubarts had made futile attempts to convince the ex-president of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbatschow to be part of the Neutrino project. Then he planned his second coup.


Cinema for Peace Gala „Heroes Gala“ at the Adlon Hotel For the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, on November 8th, 2014.

Schubart and Gorbatschow on their way to the press wall
Schubart and Gorbatschow on their way to the press wall

During this event Michael Gorbatschow was officially named man of the century and became involuntarily ambassador and “patron”, as Schubart named him, of Neutrino Inc., a company “specialized” in investment fraud.

It is still unknown how Holger Thorsten Schubart actually got access to this event since he was not invited and officially a “Persona non grata”. He was even able to place his company logo on the press wall.

This event was organized by the Cinema for Peace foundation, the same organization where Schubart, together with Olga Oncken initiated an official

sponsoring (as one of two main sponsors) and they never paid the invoice.

The strategy becomes clear: set up a corporate network of companies with unclear structures, let the management sign contracts for sponsorships although they know that money will never ever be paid.


Holger Thorsten Schubart
in front of the press wall with the company logo in the back

About two weeks later Schubart used every moment possible to promote his new “testimonial” Gorbatschow. All his marketing activities were focused on this worldwide known personality. In all media Schubart used his name and promoted that Gorbatschow supports the Neutrino project by heart.

Through this famous personality, Schubart with his company Neutrino got access to one of the most prestigious events in Berlin, the Bundespresseball. He paid a small amount up front and the rest “was paid” with the good name of Gorbatschow. Which company would resist with such a famous Noble Prize winner as the front-runner.

But in the end: same story – different event. As happened at the Cinema for Peace gala, Schubart did not pay the open invoice for the Bundespresseball.

Micheal Gorbatschow officially denied that he ever had any kind of business relationship with Holger Thorsten Schubart. It is a shame that the impostor Mr Schubart uses the name and reputation of one of the most honorable politicians for his business focused on investment fraud.

NetTroll reports the specialy activities of Mr. Holger Thorsten Schubart on the internet for investors

WebTroll invents the CI and CD for Neutrino, INC. for the Bundes-Presseball 2014
Holger Thorsten Schubart the former president of Neutrino Inc., former Shareholder of MEGA NFC, former CEO of Golden Tower and Principaaal Consultants and Freemason has initiated that these favorable informations about him are placed all over the internet to present him as an honest and trustworthy philanthropist. But the truth is that the assumed finance juggler is not paying for any kind of services at all! With his numerous businesses he is even trying to fool people though investing into ideas or companies which do not have one single asset! He is also placing orders for CIs copyright WM, websites, Facebooks accounts, Google+ accounts and many other services including editorial article in the yellow press which in the end he never pays for. Right here in that spot we will update you in the future about every news that coming up. So stay tuned!


Crime story of Holger Schubart

activity of Holger Thorsten Schubart

fake: Holger Thorsten Schubart was president of Neutrino Inc. and will revolutionize the energy market with a new specaly net news stategy.

Mr. Schubart has filed the patents with the patent office and soon they will be publicized also in germany. Well-known international big corporations will endeavor for acquisition of these.